New Features in Python 3.8 and 3.9

Python 3.8 and 3.9 comes with some useful features. Some are listed here

  1. Merging Dictionaries
    The old style of merging Python dictionaries is using ** eg {**d1, **d2} which is not intuitively. The new way of merging dictionaries is using | as shown the in the example of new dictionaries merging code below:

import cv2 as cv
a = {'France':'Paris','Thailand':'Bangkok'}
b = {'Germany':'Berlin','UK':'London'}
{‘France’: ‘Paris’, ‘Thailand’: ‘Bangkok’, ‘Germany’: ‘Berlin’, ‘UK’: ‘London’}

2. f-Strings Literal
f-strings, also called “formatted string literal”, ere string literals that have an f at the beginning and curly braces containing expressions that will be replaced with their values. They replace the old clumsy style %-format and str-format syntax. See the example of using f-strings formatting below:

country = 'France'
capital = 'Paris'
print(f'The capital of {country} is {capital}')
The capital of France is Paris


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April 15, 2021