Provision of ACTA/ACLP Trainers

Provision of ACTA/ACLP Trainers and Assessors

Our organization takes pride in its extensive pool of over 500 trainers, all of whom are accredited with Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) and Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP). These certified professionals are well-equipped to deliver Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) courses across a vast array of industries. Our expertise spans a comprehensive range of sectors including Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Manufacturing, the Built Environment, Food & Beverage (F&B), Tourism, Aerospace, Workplace Safety, Hospitality, and Public Transport. This extensive industry coverage ensures that we can cater to the diverse needs of our learners, providing them with industry-relevant skills and knowledge to enhance their professional development. Our trainers are dedicated to fostering a conducive learning environment that facilitates the attainment of WSQ certifications, thus empowering individuals to succeed in their respective career paths.

Our daily trainer provision rate ranges from $800 to $1500 depending on the courses and skillsets.