Progressive Wage Model (PWM) Training Requirement

Progressive Wage Model Training Requirements


According to MOM circulations (https://www.mom.gov.sg/employment-practices/progressive-wage-model/what-is-pwm and https://www.mom.gov.sg/employment-practices/progressive-wage-model/food-services-sector) , employers must ensure that their Singapore citizen and PR food services workers meet the food services PWM training requirements of attaining at least 2 Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) Statement of Attainment out of the list of approved WSQ training modules.

Alternatively, if employers have in-house WSQ training modules that have the prefix “FSS” in the accompanying Technical Skills & Competencies (TSC) code, these training modules can be used to meet the training requirements as well.

Training per the list of approved WSQ training modules is encouraged but not mandatory for the senior cook and manager job roles. Employers have the flexibility to train employees in senior positions according to their own business needs.
Employers will be given a grace period to comply with the food services PWM training requirements:

  • For new hires: six months from the new hire’s date of employment
  • For existing employees: up till 29 February 2024 (one year from the food services PWM implementation on 1 March 2023)