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Text Recognition Using Google Cloud Vision API

You can readily use Google Cloud API to extract text from an image using Google Cloud Vision The steps are as follows: Step 1: …

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Comparing Cross Entropy and KL Divergence Loss

Entropy is the number of bits required to transmit a randomly selected event from a probability distribution. A skewed distribution has a low entropy, whereas …

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Linear Regression with Gradient Descent and Python

Gradient Descent is the key optimization method used in machine learning. Understanding how gradient descent works without using API helps to gain a deep …

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Comparing Pre-trained ResNet and MobileNet

Resnet and Mobilenet are the popular pre-trained models for computer visions. Renet is more accurate, while Mobilenet is much smaller in size. In this …

Machine Learning Python Tensorflow Keras

Network Compression with Depthwise Separable Convolution

One way to achieve network compression is using depthwise separable convolution. Depthwise separable convolution is used in many pre-trained neural networks such as MobileNet, …