Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology for Businesses

Many companies are innovating their businesses with new technologies to stay ahead of competition. Blockchain is one of the next wave of technology revolution that many experts are predicting that it will disrupt traditional business and will bring breakthrough in various industries.The blockchain technology is the only peer-to-peer decentralized network to authorize users to digitally sign transactions with 100% accuracy. Blockchain is gaining popularity across industries such as finance, government, insurance, logistics, media, healthcare, and many others for being a borderless network of value exchange in real time.

Business innovation & invention by MNCs & SMEs will be showcased to learn potential implementation in respective business sectors. Learner will explore fundraising opportunity through Blockchain Technologies with common pitfalls to watch out for as well.

This one day course on blockchain technology for business will cover the fundamental of blockchain, use cases, and potential opportunities of using blockchain in your organization.

Course Objectives

Learners will be able to explore opportunities for business innovation and reform using blockchain technology

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the class, learners will be able to

  • understand blockchain technology and compare current business model for the organisation with emerging blockchain business model in the industry
  • explore potential opportunities for business innovation using blockchain technology within the organisation
  • identify ways in which blockchain digitalization can be applied to the business
  • conduct feasibility analysis and weigh the costs-benefits of potential business innovation opportunities using blockchain technology.
  • implement business innovation processes with blockchain technology