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Algorithmic Trading Python

Simple Moving Average Long Strategy

First, we will load the python packages.Previously we did two videos on LSTM long strategies – one using classification approach and one using regression …

Algorithmic Trading Python

Hierarchical Clustering on STI Component Stocks

Previously we did a K-Means clustering on STI component stocks. It is interesting to compare the clustering with another popular clustering method – hierarchical …

Algorithmic Trading Python

K-Means Clustering of STI Component Stocks

In this tutorial of machine learning on algorithmic trading, we will show how to perform k-means clustering of STI component stocks.First we will import …

Algorithmic Trading Python

LSTM Long Regression Strategy for Algorithmic Trading

After my first video on LSTM’s long strategy on algorithmic trading, i got a feedback to try out the regression instead of classification. In …

Algorithmic Trading Python

LSTM Long Classification Strategy for Algorithmic Trading

First, we will load the python packages.We will use the yahoo finance package to import the historical data. We will import Microsoft dataset for …